Tampa Tax Resolution Services For Big & Small Businesses Alike

Tampa Tax Resolution for Businesses and Individuals

It is very unsettling to receive an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notice, whether you are an individual or a business. Although a notice may not mean you have done anything wrong or will be facing tax penalties, it does mean that you or your business has come to the attention of the Internal Revenue Service, or that of another government agency. J Rosen Financial CPA Services has the experience and knowledge to get the tax resolution you deserve. We will assess your tax situation and determine the necessary actions. We also will formally represent you before the IRS and if needed, provide skillful tax debt resolution service in Tampa, FL.

If You’re a Small Business With Big Aspirations…

Does your business have penalties for a late tax return filing? Are you aware that IRS penalties can be waived completely? Did the IRS make the mistake instead of you? Need help getting through this problem?

Tax notices can show up at your small business at any time of the year. Working with the knowledgeable tax specialists at J Rosen Financial CPA Services is a proactive strategy. If we have been supporting you throughout the year with preparation, compliance and financial statements we will then have the familiarity to formulate the best course of action right away. If you are new to us, we will jump right in and review your records to quickly get familiarized with your financial situation. In either case, we will assemble your documentation and frame your response to resolve your small business tax problems in an expeditious manner.

If You’re a Larger Business With Complex Needs…

Do you know the best way to resolve your IRS or state tax letter? Is your accounting team capable of resolving these matters properly? Would you like to be represented by someone who is?

If your company has been notified that is owes substantial taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, you need to handle this immediately. Failing to do so could lead to even greater penalties and interest as well liens on your assets, seizing of cash in your bank accounts, and other actions that could threaten your business’s survival. Even in bankruptcy, debts and liens may continue on. J Rosen Financial CPA Services can work as the intermediary between you and the IRS and provide you with Tampa tax relief services as needed. As the premier firm in Tampa for tax relief services, we will help resolve tax issues and reduce or eliminate IRS collection actions in the best way possible for your business.

If You’re an Individual With Tax Questions…

Does your business have penalties for a late tax return filing? Are you aware that IRS penalties can be waived completely? Did the IRS make the mistake instead of you? Need help getting through this problem?

J Rosen Financial CPA Services has vast experience representing individuals facing inquiries and issues with regard to the IRS. Our Tampa tax resolution services offer diligent tax representation and can help you with the proper responses to IRS letters, penalties, collections and settlements. We can also help you prepare any necessary documentation, determine if you need address any other issues, or have special circumstances such as a need to separate yourself from the tax liabilities of your spouse. If you do owe additional taxes we can see if you qualify for first time penalty abatement. If you have a hardship we can look into deferred payment, offer in compromise, or arrange for installment payments. As you may know, the IRS can put a levy on your bank account, garnish your wages, or seize your property. Don’t postpone or let any issue with the IRS linger. Contact J Rosen Financial CPA Services immediately. We will review your case, help rectify, and structure a plan to resolve your issues.

Deal With the IRS Head On…

Did you know that resolving an IRS matter can take up to 6 months or longer? Do you know that ignoring these issues can add on more penalties and interests? Is the issue really your fault or is it theirs?

Don’t ignore issues with the IRS. The faster you deal with the IRS, the better off you and your business will be in the long run. However, don’t just accept the IRS’s conclusions on what you owe. Work with J Rosen Financial CPA Services to help verify or challenge them. If you do owe, we may be able to work out a plan where you won’t have to pay the entire amount, or we could also help establish a payment plan. No matter what situation you or your business is confronted with, the best tactic is to hire professional tax assistance. An experienced tax professional will be able to verify the amount you owe and work with the IRS to be sure that you arrive at the best possible solution regarding repayment.

If you are seeking IRS tax problem relief services in Tampa, don’t hesitate- call us today. With the support of the professionals at J Rosen Financial CPA Services, we may help you minimize your taxes or even eliminate any tax penalties and interest.

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