Patience Can Be a Virtue With a Sluggish PC

Computers have enabled us to become more efficient and productive. Individuals and businesses throughout South Tampa put computers to work everyday to do everything from bookkeeping and accounting to sending birthday greetings. As commonplace and helpful as computers have become they can still drive us crazy sometimes.

I can’t tell you how many times I am working with an accounting client in the Tampa area and I can hear the sound of their voice change as their frustration level rises while they wait for their computer to respond. The next sound I hear is the frantic pounding of fingers on their keyboard or clicking of the mouse.

The reason for the frenzied tapping is the appearance that the computer is not responding to legitimate requests from the user via the keyboard or mouse. The reality is there are times when a computer may seem to be operating slower than we would like and there is usually a very good reason for it. It’s busy! We need to learn to wait and be patient with the computer.

As fast and powerful as personal computers have gotten they are still no match for human beings in terms of being able to communicate, anticipate and process information. Even on our worst days people think faster than a computer. We sometimes need to be reminded of this from time to time.

Long story short there are times when a computers hard drive in particular and occasionally its CPU are too busy to respond immediately to our commands. For example, after a startup, when a program is loading or Windows is installing a large update. Modern hard drives are huge and finding the data you are looking for can take time.

The easiest way to save yourself some grief is to look at the blue, yellow or green LED on the front, side or top of your computer. If it’s on or blinking very fast that means your hard drive is working overtime and will be too busy to answer you right there and than. We need to learn to wait for the light to turn off before we give the computer any more instructions. Patience is a virtue.